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 Dream Diary Layouts

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PostSubject: Dream Diary Layouts   Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:35 pm

Making A Dream Diary is very easy actually.

For your Topics title post your name and the diary number and than a title if you want.
We recommend reserving the first two pages for Your entries.

For each Entry you but the Date a title and a Y/N if you achieved lucidity. Than place your dream under the title you can stretch your dream a little but do NOT make a dream up!
so for example:

=Sat. March 07 2009 Raptors in my basement (N)=

Last night I dreamed there was a raptor in my basement and i rode is around etc etc etc.

we advise you have a real journal and write in it the second you get up even if all you can remember is a color or feeling this will make you more aware of dream signs and vividness.
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Dream Diary Layouts
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